Recent Calls
Tue. Dec 11th 2018
At 4:00 AM on Tuesday, December 11th PUVFD was activated to assist with a structure fire 203 Main St, in Youngstown's response area. Tower/Ladder 36 arrived on scene and firefighters placed groun...
Sat. Dec 8th 2018
At 10:54 pm PUVFD was activated for a call of smoke in the structure at 1903 Route 130. After arriving on scene firefighters found some smoldering in the basement ceiling below the first floor firepla...
Tue. Nov 20th 2018
PUVFD was activated at 5:09 pm for a reported chimney fire at 438 Distillery Rd in Cook Township. Units on scene confirmed a working fire that had spread to the house. PUVFD assisted with interior fir...
Sun. Dec 25th 2016
PUVFD was activated at 1:17 AM early Christmas morning to assist Lloydsville VFD with a house fire on Glacier Court in the Wimmerton area of Unity Township. An officer from Lloydsville VFD was on sce...
Thu. Dec 22nd 2016
PUVFD was activated at 7:39 PM to assist Marguerite VFD with a reported trailer fire on Persian Lane in the Woodside Village Mobile Home park in Unity Township. Our engine 36-1 arrived just after Mar...
News Headlines
Sat. Mar 14th 2020
Attention to all local residents and businesses who have landline telephone service through Citizens Telephone Company. There is a widespread telephone outage affecting landline telephones in the 423...
Thu. Mar 5th 2020
The PUVFD Spring Sportsmen's Bash is being held this Saturday, March 7, 2020 from 5 to 9 PM. It appears that all tickets for the event are sold out at this time. If you would like to attend and ...
Sun. Dec 22nd 2019
Keep a lookout this afternoon as Santa Claus is coming around through the streets and roads of the Pleasant Unity VFD home fire district with treats for the kids. Please come outside and flag down th...
Fri. Oct 18th 2019
Tickets are available for the Pleasant Unity VFD's 34th Bonanza Dinner and Elimination Drawing to be held Saturday, November 9, 2019 at the fire department social hall. This annual fundraiser is ...
Mon. Aug 12th 2019
The Third annual PUVFD Golf Outing is being held this coming Saturday, August 17, 2019 at Glengarry Golf Links in the Lycippus section of our home response district. We still have room for more golfe...
2010 Sutphen/Precision Combination Rescue Pumper
1500 Gallon Per Minute Hale Pump
742 Gallons of Water
36 Gallons of Class A Foam
Amkus Rescue System
30KW Hydraulic Generator
9000 Watt Light Tower
2004 Emergency One 95 Foot Tower Ladder
2000 Gallon Per Minute Hale Pump
300 Gallons of Water
95 Foot Tower Ladder
10KW Hydraulic Generator
1999 Ford Crew Cab
200 Gallon Per Minute Pump
200 Gallons of Water
Amkus Rescue System
ENGINE/RESCUE 36 (retired)
1999 Ferrara Rescue Pumper
RESCUE 36 (retired)
1991 Emergency One Rescue
TOWER 36 (retired)
1977 LTI Kenworth 85 Foot Tower Ladder
ENGINE 36 (retired)
1976 Emergency One/Ford Pumper
LADDER 36 (retired)
1963 Mack/Maxim 85 Foot Ladder
RESCUE/FOG 36 (retired)
1959 Ford High Pressure Fog
ENGINE/TANKER 36 (retired)
1957 American Fire Apparatus Ford F-9
ENGINE 36 (retired)
1952 Howe Pumper
ENGINE 36 (retired)
1951 Ford F-6 Pumper
ENGINE 36 (retired)
1940 American LaFrance Pumper (left) 1943 Dodge Truck (right)
ENGINE 36 (retired)
1940 American LaFrance

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