Tuesday, December 11th, 2018
At 4:00 AM on Tuesday, December 11th PUVFD was activated to assist with a structure fire 203 Main St, in Youngstown's response area. Tower/Ladder 36 arrived on scene and firefighters placed groun...
At 10:54 pm PUVFD was activated for a call of smoke in the structure at 1903 Route 130. After arriving on scene firefighters found some smoldering in the basement ceiling below the first floor firepla...
PUVFD was activated at 5:09 pm for a reported chimney fire at 438 Distillery Rd in Cook Township. Units on scene confirmed a working fire that had spread to the house. PUVFD assisted with interior fir...
PUVFD was activated at 1:17 AM early Christmas morning to assist Lloydsville VFD with a house fire on Glacier Court in the Wimmerton area of Unity Township. An officer from Lloydsville VFD was on sce...
Saturday, September 17th, 2022
The Officers and Members of Pleasant Unity VFD wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who attended and purchased tickets for the 2022 Fall Sportsman’s Bash. It has been 2-1/2 years since the last ...
Monday, April 25th, 2022
The Pleasant Unity Volunteer Fire Department is proud to announce that our Sportsmen's Bash will be back after a two year absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have our traditional fall Sports...
In an effort to raise some much needed funds for the Pleasant Unity Volunteer Fire Department our members hosted our first "hybrid" drive-through/online raffle at the station this evening. ...
Monday, April 20th, 2020
Pleasant Unity VFD wants to thank Premier Automation of Monroeville who was out today providing a free disinfection of emergency vehicles in the region. Premier Automation conducted disinfection of a...
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Cathy Ross
Monday, December 21st, 2015
I just want to properly thank you all as i was shook up at the scene. Thank you for coming out in the middle of the night in freezing cold temps and treacherous roads to save my daughter and i from being homeless! You guys are my heroes. A special thanks to FIRE CHIEF JOHN M. BACHA for making sure our EVERY need was met before he left the scene and gave me his card in case i needed anything else. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
Ryan and Mackenzie Forbes
Sunday, October 7th, 2012
Nice job on the site,we really like the updated photos of recent calls. Stay Safe and keep up the great work!!
Monday, January 16th, 2012
Looking good!!! a lot better than th last one.
Chief 73
Monday, December 26th, 2011
The site is looking great!!! nice to see another yourfirstdue site!!!! Keep up the good work fellas!!!! Gerry
Tom McDowell
Wednesday, December 14th, 2011
Doing a good job on new site
5 entries in the Guestbook
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