Recent Calls
Tue. Dec 11th 2018
At 4:00 AM on Tuesday, December 11th PUVFD was activated to assist with a structure fire 203 Main St, in Youngstown's response area. Tower/Ladder 36 arrived on scene and firefighters placed groun...
Sat. Dec 8th 2018
At 10:54 pm PUVFD was activated for a call of smoke in the structure at 1903 Route 130. After arriving on scene firefighters found some smoldering in the basement ceiling below the first floor firepla...
Tue. Nov 20th 2018
PUVFD was activated at 5:09 pm for a reported chimney fire at 438 Distillery Rd in Cook Township. Units on scene confirmed a working fire that had spread to the house. PUVFD assisted with interior fir...
Sun. Dec 25th 2016
PUVFD was activated at 1:17 AM early Christmas morning to assist Lloydsville VFD with a house fire on Glacier Court in the Wimmerton area of Unity Township. An officer from Lloydsville VFD was on sce...
Thu. Dec 22nd 2016
PUVFD was activated at 7:39 PM to assist Marguerite VFD with a reported trailer fire on Persian Lane in the Woodside Village Mobile Home park in Unity Township. Our engine 36-1 arrived just after Mar...
News Headlines
Fri. Oct 18th 2019
Tickets are available for the Pleasant Unity VFD's 34th Bonanza Dinner and Elimination Drawing to be held Saturday, November 9, 2019 at the fire department social hall. This annual fundraiser is ...
Mon. Aug 12th 2019
The Third annual PUVFD Golf Outing is being held this coming Saturday, August 17, 2019 at Glengarry Golf Links in the Lycippus section of our home response district. We still have room for more golfe...
Wed. Mar 20th 2019
Pleasant Unity VFD's annual letter fund drive campaign is now underway. Firefighters folded and stuffed letters Tuesday evening and letters went out in the mail this morning. This letter drive i...
Mon. Feb 4th 2019
Pleasant Unity VFD has brought back a popular fundraising ticket. Get your chance to win a Cub Cadet Z-Force Zero Turn - 4 wheel steering tractor with a 48" fabricated deck, a Cub Cadet 21"...
Mon. Feb 4th 2019
The Spring Sportsmen's Bash tickets are now available. This annual event will be held on Saturday, March 2, 2019 from 5:00 to 9:00 PM at the PUVFD social hall. The ticket includes a chance to wi...
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Hurricane / Tropical Storm Sandy
Mon. Oct 29th 2012


The entire region has been placed on alert for potential wind damage and flooding expected from Hurricane Sandy.  Forecasters are reporting this storm strength and movement is unprecedented for this region and all residents should prepare and take warnings seriously.  Although it appears our county will not be in the direct path of the eye of the storm, signigicant wind damage and flash flooding is very possible in our region due to the enormous size of this weather system.  Residents should prepare for the possibility of extended power outages and shelter "in place".

Every household should have provisions of water and food, flashlights with extra batteries, sleeping bag or warm blankets for each person, prescription medications, infant formula and diapers, pet food and water for your pet, first aid supplies, cash or travelers checks and a battery operated radio.  Residents who use alternative forms of heating for their home must do so with EXTREME CAUTION.  High wind gusts can cause chimney's to not vent properly and create carbon monoxide and products of combustion to remain in the residence. 

Generator safety is another VERY IMPORTANT area to be extra careful.  Never operate a generator inside any building as only a few minutes of the engine running can cause deadly levels of carbon monoxide inside a building.  Make certain the exhaust is far away from any opening to the residence and preferably downwind from the house.  Be careful of the maximum output of your generator as well as wire size feeding to the appliances you are planning to power.  NEVER refill the gasoline tank of a generator while the motor is still running - wait for the unit to cool before attempting to refuel.

If you find that you must venture out on the roadways during the inclement weather please drive at a reduced speed and be prepared to encounter hazards along the way.  Keep a watchful eye for trees and wires down across the roadway, roadway flooding as well as our emergency responders who may be out handling emergencies.  If we get hit hard with damage, expect to find unconventional road closures in dangerous areas.  Sometimes when we have these major storms we have no choice but to place a couple orange cones and use yellow caution tape to block off a closed roadway.  DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH A BARRIER AS IT IS MARKING A DANGEROUS AREA THAT IS NOT PASSABLE - FIND ANOTHER WAY AROUND.

Also - please note the Unity Township Supervisors have rescheduled the Unity Township Trick or Treat Night from Wednesday to this Saturday, November 3, 2012 from 6 to 8 PM.

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